Pure Java ZigBee Application Framework.

Bekko SDK for XBee (Build 13.8.25)

100% Pure Java


Support ME/Android

XBee Beta Driver Available


Bekko provides Java API for develop ZigBee application and allow user applications to communicate standard ZigBee devices.

Unlike other "XBee API Java-Wrapper", Bekko features ZDO/ZDP implementations and standardized APS data connection API. You can implement ZCL application by using ZCL extension pacakge.

Bekko is avalilable under LGPL v3(GPL v3 for ZCL) and a commercial license. For more information about a commercial license, please contact to

Source Code

Package Description Download Source
bekko-api Bekko API specification. Mercurial Repository(LGPLv3)
bekko-core Reference implementation and Hardware abstraction layer. Mercurial Repository(LGPLv3)
bekko-xbee XBee driver for Bekko. (Beta release) Mercurial Repository(LGPLv3)
bekko-ember-shared Shared library for XBee driver. Mercurial Repository(LGPLv3)
bekko-zcl Bekko ZCL extension. Coming soon(GPLv3)